Detection method of optical fiber

Feb 06, 2022

The main purpose of optical fiber inspection is to ensure the quality of system connection, reduce fault factors and find out the fault point of optical fiber when fault occurs. There are many detection methods, mainly divided into manual simple measurement and precision instrument measurement.

1. Manual and simple measurement

This method is generally used to quickly detect the on-off of optical fibers and to distinguish the fibers made during construction. It uses a simple light source to inject visible light from one end of the optical fiber, and observe which one emits light from the other end. Although this method is simple, it cannot quantitatively measure fiber attenuation and fiber breakpoints.

2. Precision instrument measurement

Using an optical power meter or an optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) to quantitatively measure the optical fiber, the attenuation of the optical fiber and the attenuation of the joint can be measured, and even the position of the breakpoint of the optical fiber can be measured. This measurement can be used to quantitatively analyze the causes of fiber optic network failures and evaluate fiber optic network products.

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