Emergency repair of optical cable

Feb 09, 2022

1) All fiber optic lines in one direction are blocked

According to the predetermined circuit scheduling plan, all circuits or part of the main circuits are temporarily switched on immediately.

2) Individual fiber blocking of fiber optic cable lines in a certain direction

If there is a spare fiber in the optical fiber, or there is another circuit, immediately use the spare fiber or circuit to temporarily adjust the obstacle circuit; if there is a spare fiber in the optical cable and there is no circuit, it shall be handled according to the prescribed scheduling principles to ensure the smooth flow of important circuits. Suspend secondary circuits.

3) Part of the optical fiber of the optical cable line in a certain direction is blocked

If there is a spare fiber in the optical cable, in addition to using the spare fiber to temporarily adjust the circuit, you can select the unblocked fiber for temporary pairing, and temporarily adjust the circuit according to the specified scheduling principle and scheduling sequence. If the temporarily paired fiber is still not enough, Without detour circuits, the secondary circuits are suspended.


1. The temporary scheduling of the above optical fibers must be completed under the close cooperation of both parties after the scheduling plan is jointly negotiated by the two parties and reported to the superior competent authority for approval.

2. The optical fibers that are paired according to the original line sequence only need to be dispatched by the maintenance stations at both ends according to the system, and the circuit can be switched; if the optical fibers are temporarily paired and used, the connection of the optical distribution frame (or terminal box) in the relay station on both sides of the obstacle point shall be carried out. connect on the device.

3. If the main optical fiber is connected with an optical attenuator, and the spare optical fiber is not pre-connected with an attenuator, the corresponding optical attenuator should also be connected when the standby optical fiber is called. This problem should also be paid attention to when optical fibers are temporarily paired.

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