Outdoor Overhead Optical Cable Construction

Feb 13, 2022

A. The overhead method of hanging wire brackets is simple and cheap, and is the most widely used in my country, but it is time-consuming to add hooks and arrange them.

B. Hanging wire winding overhead method, this method is more stable and less maintenance work. But a special wrapping machine is required.

C. Self-supporting overhead mode has high requirements on wire rods, difficult construction and maintenance, and high cost. It is rarely used in China.

D. When overhead, a guiding device must be installed at the place where the optical cable leads to the pole, and the optical cable must be prevented from being dragged to the ground. Pay attention to reducing friction when pulling the optical cable. A length of fiber optic cable is left on each pole for telescoping.

E. Pay attention to the reliable grounding of metal objects in the optical cable. Especially in mountainous areas, high-voltage power grid areas and thunderstorm areas, there are generally 3 grounding points per kilometer, and even non-metallic optical cables are used.

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