Requirements For Laying Direct Buried Optical Cables

Feb 10, 2022

1) The depth of the optical cable trench should meet the regulations, and the bottom of the trench should be flat without gravel; the bottom of the stony or semi-stony trench should be covered with 10 cm thick fine soil or sand;

2) Ground pulleys should be used for mechanical traction;

3) When lifting and placing manually, the optical cable should not be bent less than the specified radius of curvature, mopping the floor, and pulling too tightly;

4) The optical cable must be laid flat at the bottom of the trench, and must not be vacated and arched;

5) When the optical cable is laid on a slope with a slope greater than 20° and a slope length greater than 30 meters, it should be laid in an "S" shape or treated according to the design requirements;

6) During the laying process or after laying, the outer sheath of the optical cable should be checked in time, and if it is damaged, it should be repaired immediately; after the direct buried optical cable is laid, the insulation resistance of the optical cable sheath to the ground should be checked.

7) The optical fibers and copper wires in the optical cable must be checked and confirmed to meet the quality acceptance standards before the full trench can be returned to the soil.

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